Monday, 3 December 2012

Essay Example On Desktop Administration

“I need a Desktop Administration essay example,” this is probably one of your lines of thoughts, if you are reading this. Subsequently, you need to learn about Desktop Administration or how to write an essay on the same. You cannot consequently afford to be ignorant of the following dexterity, stay with me.
 To begin with, desktop administration is the process of managing system security and performance for departments.  Keep it in mind that desktop administration is a comprehensive approach that manages all computers in an organization, including the laptops, and other computing devices, despite the fact that, the name suggests of desktop computers only. Desktop administration uses different types of software such as desktop central. Desktop central is a web-based windows server and desktop administration software that helps in administrating multiple of desktops from a central location. It has a network neutral architecture. Subsequently, it enhances the ease of managing desktops in any windows like work group by the administrator. It automates regular desktop administration activities such as installing software.
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Desktop administration is attributed to securing clients computers by restricting USB. It enables auditing the network systems with complete hardware and software. Besides, desktop administrators standardize, secure, and audit their windows network through desktop central.

Some of the roles of a desktop administrator are to patch management. Patch management is characterized by installing, testing, and acquiring multiple patches to a specific computer system. It also includes maintenance of current knowledge of available patches and proper installing of the same. Through patch management, the administrator tests systems after installation. The desktop administer is also responsible for scanning viruses and memory updates.

Besides a desktop administration essay example, the above dexterity, will give you 1st grades in your administration essay, subsequent to a deeper comprehension of desktop administration.     


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