Monday, 3 December 2012

Essay Example On Desktop Administration

“I need a Desktop Administration essay example,” this is probably one of your lines of thoughts, if you are reading this. Subsequently, you need to learn about Desktop Administration or how to write an essay on the same. You cannot consequently afford to be ignorant of the following dexterity, stay with me.
 To begin with, desktop administration is the process of managing system security and performance for departments.  Keep it in mind that desktop administration is a comprehensive approach that manages all computers in an organization, including the laptops, and other computing devices, despite the fact that, the name suggests of desktop computers only. Desktop administration uses different types of software such as desktop central. Desktop central is a web-based windows server and desktop administration software that helps in administrating multiple of desktops from a central location. It has a network neutral architecture. Subsequently, it enhances the ease of managing desktops in any windows like work group by the administrator. It automates regular desktop administration activities such as installing software.
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Desktop administration is attributed to securing clients computers by restricting USB. It enables auditing the network systems with complete hardware and software. Besides, desktop administrators standardize, secure, and audit their windows network through desktop central.

Some of the roles of a desktop administrator are to patch management. Patch management is characterized by installing, testing, and acquiring multiple patches to a specific computer system. It also includes maintenance of current knowledge of available patches and proper installing of the same. Through patch management, the administrator tests systems after installation. The desktop administer is also responsible for scanning viruses and memory updates.

Besides a desktop administration essay example, the above dexterity, will give you 1st grades in your administration essay, subsequent to a deeper comprehension of desktop administration.     


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Friday, 14 September 2012

Sample Essay On ITIL Change Management

I stared at the trademark; ITIL®, it read. It took me a while to comprehend the meaning, and then it all came dawning on me; it was the trade mark for ITIL. ITIL is now a registered trade mark with the cabinet office of the United Kingdom. So, what is ITIL? ITIL is the acronym from Information Technology Infrastructure Library. It is currently known as ITILv3 and ITIL2011. ITIL describes the tasks and procedures that an organization uses for establishing competency at its minimal level. If you are reading this, you are probably soliciting ITIL change management essay example, and you just landed on the right page.
Historically, the Central Computer and Telecommunication Agency of the UK Government developed a set of recommendations; it was more of a response to the growing dependence on information technology. As a rule, private sectors and the government agencies had the need to create their own IT management skills due to substandard IT management skills.  Consequently, information technology infrastructure library start off as a collection of books. Each book covered a specific field within the IT service management. It was the origin of ITIL change management.
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ITIL change management has four basic functions. To begin with, let us look at the service desk. The service desk is responsible of handling incidents and requests. It plays the role of providing interfaces for other ITSM processes. Some of the features of the service desk include the single point of entry, the single point of exit, data integrity, and easier for customers among others.  The service desk is also responsible for informing the customer of progress and advising on work rounds.
With the above dexterity coupled with professional ITIL change management essay examples, exceptional grades in your ITIL change management essay are inevitable.

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Example Instructional Design Essay

 “Why the heck must I learn this?” Unfortunately, this is a feeling that many students end up having consequent to attitude and presentation skills gaps. This is because of lack of proper organization or presentation of information to them. The following dexterity coupled by an Instructional Design essay example, will give you exceptional grades for an Instructional Design essay and a better comprehension of instructional design, stay with me
 Instructional designer is a process that develops programs designed to train and educate students in a consistent and reliable approach.  It has five models, which include; development, implantation, analysis, evaluation, and design
It is based on nine strategies that based on instructional design theories that were written in 1983 by Reigeluth.  They include; organizational, delivery and the management strategies. The organizational strategies are broken down in to macro and micro level. They focus on the approach that a lesson is sequenced and arranged. On the other hand, the delivery strategies focus on decisions affecting the approach in which the student receives the information. As such, it focuses on instructional media. On the other hand, the management strategies focus on the decisions made to assist the learner to interact with the activities that are designed for learning.
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There are nine events of instructional design. To begin with, gaining the attention of students is paramount prior to beginning on a new explanation. Again, inform the students on the objectives of the lesson. The third event consists of asking for a recall of existing knowledge. Again, the teacher goes ahead to give emphasis to distinctive features. Consequently, the teacher gives the students a learning guidance to help them understand the topic by providing relevance and organization. It is also known and semantic encoding. The sixth event includes eliciting performance and asking students to respond. This can be done through asking questions. Next, the teacher gives a relative feedback of the students’ performance based on the feedback. 

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Information Technology-Essay

Wait a minute; are you soliciting an information technology essay example? If you are, it only tells me that, chances are, you aspire to excel in writing an information technology essay. Prior to you leaving this page, I am sure that the following information is will give you a masterpiece for your information technology essay, stay with me!
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To begin with, information technology is a branch of engineering that deals with computers and telecommunications equipment to store, retrieve and manipulate data.
At the outset, information technology was developed in Mesopotamia around 3000 BC. However, until 1958, the information did not have a collective name. Subsequently, Leavitt and Whistler, the authors of Harvard Business Review commented that and I quote; “the new technology does not have a single established name, we shall hence call it information technology’.  The name information technology subsequently came in to existence.
Due to the complexity of Information technology roles, it encompasses different departments including; database management systems, computers, servers and cryptography. Keep it in mind that cryptography is the practice and study of hiding information. In simpler terms, cryptography is attributed to mathematics and computer science. Cryptography prevails in the use of security of ATM cards, computer passwords, and electronic commerce.  On the other hand, database management system is a kind of software that the computer database relies on to organize the data and how it is stored and retrieved. It is also paramount in the performance and recovery from hardware failures.
Besides, information technology plays important roles in the society. It is responsible of securing, converting, processing and transmitting information.  Again, it is through information technology that organizations attend to their clients on at the help desk.
With the above dexterity, an information technology essay example will only be an added advantage to a masterpiece for an information technology essay.

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Essay Examples on Information Systems

If you are reading this, chances are that you are soliciting information systems essay examples; meaning you need ideas and tips to excel in your information system essay. You found yourself the right place; with the following dexterity, I am confident in you, for 1st grade information systems essays.
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To begin with, let us have a comprehension of information systems. Information system is any combination of information technology and people’s activities that support operations, management and decision making.
The component of information system is one of the most inevitable topics of discussion that you are bound to encounter in professional information systems essay examples. Information system consists of 5 basic resources. To begin with, it consists of networks which consist of communication media and network support. Second, information systems consist of information technology specialists such as database administrator and data capture clerks. Third, it also consists of software such as system software, application software and utility software. Fourth, information technology consists of data which has all the knowledge and databases in the information systems.
Information system is of many types such as geographic information systems, data warehouses, enterprise systems, office automation, and expert systems among others. Besides, it is attributed to engineering, mathematics, management science and cybernetics among others.
Some of the different areas of work in information systems are; information systems strategy, information systems management, information strategy, information systems organizations, and information systems iteration among others.
As a rule, it is inevitable to confuse information system from related disciplines. It is hence imperative to understand that information system addresses a range of strategic, managerial, and operational activities. Information system is responsible for gathering, processing, storing, and distribution of information. It is also associated with technologies, in society and organizations. It differs with information technology in that information technology has a component that interacts with an organization’s business processes components. 

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Essay On ITIL Change Management

If this is your first time to be assigned on an essay on ITIL Change Management, it is inevitable to be baffled. Nevertheless, imagine the topic ITIL Change Management is not as intricate as it sounds. So what is ITIL Change Management? This is the first question that you must answer to, prior to embarking on the journey to writing an essay on ITIL Change Management. ITIL is the acronym for information technology infrastructure library. Its main objective is to enhance the efficiency of handling all changes by implementing on standardized methods and procedures.
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Consequently, ITIL change management evaluates possible risks that are associated with change. It also identifies the possible causes of changes required in IT services. ITIL change management also maintains records of changes hence making it reliable. As such, ITIL change management enhances accurate information as well as accurate time frames of the change. It also boosts smooth changes with minimal disruption of the working process.
The service desk is one of the basic features of Information technology infrastructure library.  It is composed of features like the data integrity, single point of exist, and single point of entry among others. It also plays the role of informing customers on the progress and advising them on work. Its main objective is to handle incidents and requests. It also provides interfaces for other ITSM processes.
The application management is another feature of Information technology infrastructure library. It purposes to improve the overall quality of IT software development. Again, it supports the development of Information technology infrastructure library through the lifecycle of software developments projects.  Besides, the software asset management (SAM) integrates people and processes technology it includes maintaining software license and license compliance. It is also responsible for tracking inventory and software asset use.

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Essay On Instructional Design

Wait a minute; in this present day and age, the last thing that you would be ignorant about is the following dexterity. You need it for your kids and students, in your academic life, in your class work and many more. I am speaking about instructional Design, stay with me.
So, what is instructional design? It is the first question that you must answer to when assigned on writing an essay on instructional design.  Instructional design is a process that identifies attitude gaps, skills and knowledge of a targeted audience. Subsequently, it suggests learning experiences that would close the gap through the best practices from the field or instructional theory.
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When writing an essay on instructional design, you may transcend your definition of instructional design by writing the different instructional design models. They include; analysis, design, development, implementation, and evaluation
Another initiative that you may implement for an essay on instructional design is the strategies of instructional design. They include; organizational, delivery, and management. The organizational strategy comprises of the macro and micro level. It focuses with the arrangement and sequence of lesson. On the other hand, the delivery strategies focus on the decisions affecting the approach in which information gets to the student. This hence depends on the instructional media. For the management strategies, the focus is primarily on the approaches of helping the learner to interact with activities that are designed for learning.
It is also paramount to discuss the events of instructional design for an essay on instructional design. They include; gaining attention, informing learners of objectives, stimulating recall of prior learning, putting emphasis on distinctive features, providing leaning guidance, evaluating the performance through evaluating the learners’ performance.
Keep it in mind that the above dexterity is not only paramount for an essay on instructional design but also in your academic life. 

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