Friday, 14 September 2012

Example Instructional Design Essay

 “Why the heck must I learn this?” Unfortunately, this is a feeling that many students end up having consequent to attitude and presentation skills gaps. This is because of lack of proper organization or presentation of information to them. The following dexterity coupled by an Instructional Design essay example, will give you exceptional grades for an Instructional Design essay and a better comprehension of instructional design, stay with me
 Instructional designer is a process that develops programs designed to train and educate students in a consistent and reliable approach.  It has five models, which include; development, implantation, analysis, evaluation, and design
It is based on nine strategies that based on instructional design theories that were written in 1983 by Reigeluth.  They include; organizational, delivery and the management strategies. The organizational strategies are broken down in to macro and micro level. They focus on the approach that a lesson is sequenced and arranged. On the other hand, the delivery strategies focus on decisions affecting the approach in which the student receives the information. As such, it focuses on instructional media. On the other hand, the management strategies focus on the decisions made to assist the learner to interact with the activities that are designed for learning.
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There are nine events of instructional design. To begin with, gaining the attention of students is paramount prior to beginning on a new explanation. Again, inform the students on the objectives of the lesson. The third event consists of asking for a recall of existing knowledge. Again, the teacher goes ahead to give emphasis to distinctive features. Consequently, the teacher gives the students a learning guidance to help them understand the topic by providing relevance and organization. It is also known and semantic encoding. The sixth event includes eliciting performance and asking students to respond. This can be done through asking questions. Next, the teacher gives a relative feedback of the students’ performance based on the feedback. 

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