Friday, 14 September 2012

Essay Examples on Information Systems

If you are reading this, chances are that you are soliciting information systems essay examples; meaning you need ideas and tips to excel in your information system essay. You found yourself the right place; with the following dexterity, I am confident in you, for 1st grade information systems essays.
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To begin with, let us have a comprehension of information systems. Information system is any combination of information technology and people’s activities that support operations, management and decision making.
The component of information system is one of the most inevitable topics of discussion that you are bound to encounter in professional information systems essay examples. Information system consists of 5 basic resources. To begin with, it consists of networks which consist of communication media and network support. Second, information systems consist of information technology specialists such as database administrator and data capture clerks. Third, it also consists of software such as system software, application software and utility software. Fourth, information technology consists of data which has all the knowledge and databases in the information systems.
Information system is of many types such as geographic information systems, data warehouses, enterprise systems, office automation, and expert systems among others. Besides, it is attributed to engineering, mathematics, management science and cybernetics among others.
Some of the different areas of work in information systems are; information systems strategy, information systems management, information strategy, information systems organizations, and information systems iteration among others.
As a rule, it is inevitable to confuse information system from related disciplines. It is hence imperative to understand that information system addresses a range of strategic, managerial, and operational activities. Information system is responsible for gathering, processing, storing, and distribution of information. It is also associated with technologies, in society and organizations. It differs with information technology in that information technology has a component that interacts with an organization’s business processes components. 

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