Friday, 14 September 2012

Sample Essay On ITIL Change Management

I stared at the trademark; ITIL®, it read. It took me a while to comprehend the meaning, and then it all came dawning on me; it was the trade mark for ITIL. ITIL is now a registered trade mark with the cabinet office of the United Kingdom. So, what is ITIL? ITIL is the acronym from Information Technology Infrastructure Library. It is currently known as ITILv3 and ITIL2011. ITIL describes the tasks and procedures that an organization uses for establishing competency at its minimal level. If you are reading this, you are probably soliciting ITIL change management essay example, and you just landed on the right page.
Historically, the Central Computer and Telecommunication Agency of the UK Government developed a set of recommendations; it was more of a response to the growing dependence on information technology. As a rule, private sectors and the government agencies had the need to create their own IT management skills due to substandard IT management skills.  Consequently, information technology infrastructure library start off as a collection of books. Each book covered a specific field within the IT service management. It was the origin of ITIL change management.
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ITIL change management has four basic functions. To begin with, let us look at the service desk. The service desk is responsible of handling incidents and requests. It plays the role of providing interfaces for other ITSM processes. Some of the features of the service desk include the single point of entry, the single point of exit, data integrity, and easier for customers among others.  The service desk is also responsible for informing the customer of progress and advising on work rounds.
With the above dexterity coupled with professional ITIL change management essay examples, exceptional grades in your ITIL change management essay are inevitable.

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