Friday, 14 September 2012

Essay On ITIL Change Management

If this is your first time to be assigned on an essay on ITIL Change Management, it is inevitable to be baffled. Nevertheless, imagine the topic ITIL Change Management is not as intricate as it sounds. So what is ITIL Change Management? This is the first question that you must answer to, prior to embarking on the journey to writing an essay on ITIL Change Management. ITIL is the acronym for information technology infrastructure library. Its main objective is to enhance the efficiency of handling all changes by implementing on standardized methods and procedures.
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Consequently, ITIL change management evaluates possible risks that are associated with change. It also identifies the possible causes of changes required in IT services. ITIL change management also maintains records of changes hence making it reliable. As such, ITIL change management enhances accurate information as well as accurate time frames of the change. It also boosts smooth changes with minimal disruption of the working process.
The service desk is one of the basic features of Information technology infrastructure library.  It is composed of features like the data integrity, single point of exist, and single point of entry among others. It also plays the role of informing customers on the progress and advising them on work. Its main objective is to handle incidents and requests. It also provides interfaces for other ITSM processes.
The application management is another feature of Information technology infrastructure library. It purposes to improve the overall quality of IT software development. Again, it supports the development of Information technology infrastructure library through the lifecycle of software developments projects.  Besides, the software asset management (SAM) integrates people and processes technology it includes maintaining software license and license compliance. It is also responsible for tracking inventory and software asset use.

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