Monday, 10 September 2012

Biology Extended Essay

Biology is a subject and discipline that discusses issues of human life as well as that of other living organisms. A Biology extended essay will discuss any issue related to biology. 
Evolution theories show how life undergoes progression, change and development. One important thing clear in evolution theories is that all life has common origin. By definition, it is the change realized in a gene pool. Remember, genes are those that are transferred from one parent species to another.
However, standing out in evolution theories is the term natural selection. It shows how biological traits might lessen or increase as differential reproduction through random mutations naturally occurs. This is unintentional and happens for improved survival of organisms and increased reproductive ability of organisms.
When writing a biology extended essay, students might site the common examples in biological evolution. For instance, a very common example cited as far as natural selection is concerned is the case of increase in number of dark colored English moth around Manchester and other industrializing cities during industrial revolution. It was noted that 95% of the moths were dark in color by 1898, yet prior to 1848, this type (dark colored moths) constituted only 2% of the moths.
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The evolution was attributed to the fact that this period, industrial revolution was taking place and because the white type was susceptible to eating by birds while on trees while dark type could not easily be seen by birds against a dark background (because industrialization came with increased factories and more soot covered birch tree). It means more dark moths survived and reproduced to increase. Yet there were only lesser of the dark type in rural areas. Such is an example of a change in gene pool: dark colored moths increased in frequency. 
Another term introduced in evolution theories is artificial selection, which depicts how organisms might intentionally choose to reproduce by combining particular traits.   

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