Monday, 10 September 2012

Essay On Global Warming

The debate about global warming is largely debated among stakeholders and much popularized. This is something of interest among those writing essays on global warming. You need to be aware of many things when writing essays on global warming.
Today, global warming has gained a lot of interest because of its relationship with climate change. By far, human activities are blamed for climate changes. The most interesting thing is that there seems to be more negative impacts on climate due to human activities, yet a lot of activities have been launched to solve the problem. For instance, there has been widespread and global campaign to plant trees.
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In writing essays on global warming, one needs to know the exact causes of global warming, rather than stating that it is human activity. For instance, you need to understand the link between human activity and global warming.
The actual link is increased emission of greenhouse gas. In addition, you need to understand the actual impacts of a planet that is getting hotter by day. The world has already witnessed a lot of floods, droughts and other disasters, as well as difficulties such as poor health. All these are associated to global warming.  
You need to know how exactly global warming affects climate change when writing an essay on global warming. It is necessary to understand how dependency on fossil fuels has caused or contributed to the problems of global warming. More specifically, how it leads to carbon pollution.
Learners must also familiarize with things that show actual existence and increase of global warming such as increased melting of ice and snow around the world, rising of sea level and increase of global average temperatures.  
It is important to know that, although the problem of global warming exists, there is a solution. For instance, reduction of overdependence on use of fossil fuels and utilization of renewable energy can help reduce emission of greenhouse gases and what is known as carbon pollution. 

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