Monday, 10 September 2012

Essay On Biology

Biology essay involves discussion of topics related to living organisms such as their characteristics, growth, origin and distribution, among others. Biology is categorized as a natural science and is studied in high school, basic education institutions as well as higher institutions of learning. A biology essay will also discuss about the anatomy of living things as well as things like evolution. 
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In some cases, students are expected to choose among science subjects and biology is one of them. Clearly, a lecturer, teacher or a professor might choose from a variety of topics when assigning biology essays. What a student must have in order to succeed in writing biology essays is the relevant knowledge to tackle the topic: otherwise, they must look for someone who has done biology course to write it for them.
Of course, you can get such topics as biological molecules, cell anatomy, cell physiology and chemical structure of cells. One could also be told to discuss organ systems and ecology, how environment affects organisms.
Cell theory establishes how a cell forms the basis of life, how it undergoes division and its pathological processes. Cells also undergo metabolism according to the cell theory. Cell theory also focuses on the DNA, which is the basic of passing information from one cell to another as the cell undergoes division. These are some of the things you might be asked to write about a biology essay.
Biology involves discussion of issues such as cells, genes, species and others. Of course, the term cell is a big concern in biology because it is termed as the basic unit of life. Biological studies recognize inheritance of genes as well as evolution of current species to form relatively new species. Biological studies discussing heredity revolves around genes. It also shows how organisms strive to survive amidst harsh environment, to continue reproducing and living.

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