Saturday, 8 September 2012

Essay On Social Change

 “My father repeatedly raped me since childhood, I watched him beat my mother countless times and there is nothing I can do to take away the memories.” She brushed away a fresh tear on her face, “I know I represent millions of women in the world who experience gender violence and this is something that we must change. Our men must learn to respect us and treat us with dignity as we deserve.”  Anna, a leader of a women activists group, continued to tell the press. If you are assigned on writing a social change essay, the first step begins with defining social change. Social change is the alteration in the social order of society.   Social change institutions are attributed by dedicated, diligent and committed individuals to achieve a common goal. For example, women group institutions advocating against gender violence and discrimination, and a group of disabled personnel advocating against the way society treats the disabled. With effective measures, the society is now adapting to gender equality and against gender violence. The rate of women being treated as  sex objects has done down and they are now given equal opportunities in the market place, and are treated with respect, which is an example of social change. Keep it in mind that is paramount to include an example of social change when writing on a social change essay. { Click to read more essay topics}
The positive impact of social change cannot go unnoticed; it is another subject that you may consider writing on a social change essay. To begin with, social change brings groups of people from different colors, tribes, nations, ages, and genders to accomplish a common goal. Again, social change favors the society at large as opposed to a few individuals. Next, it builds an unbiased and just society since it is an advocator for justice. Besides, it is through social change that government institutions, education institutions and large corporations have learnt to be responsible and accountable. Finally, social change aims at solving predominant predicaments in the society such as violence, gender discrimination, crime, and poverty. 

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