Saturday, 8 September 2012

Essay On Cells

Do you know that you are a combination of over 10 trillion cells? To begin with, Cells are the building blocks of living things. The word cell comes from a Latin word; “cella” which means a small room. When writing an essay on cell, you must begin by the definition of cells.  They are composed of generic information with which is also known as DNA and is passed on from the parent cell to the daughter cell. This is a process known as the cell division. Once a cell divides the generic information that is contained in DNA copies itself and transmits itself through a series of processes.
While writing essay on cells, it is paramount to consider writing the basic components of a cell. To begin with, a cell is composed of the plasma membrane, which is the cell’s protective coat and separates and separates the cytoskeleton. The nucleus is another component of a cell. It is the most conspicuous organelle and it found in eukaryotic cell. It protects the DNA of the cell from any kind of harm. Keep it in mind that the membrane and the nucleus are just but a few components of a cell. As such, you may consider expounding on other components of the cell if you are writing an essay on cells.
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Again, when writing an essay on cells, you may consider noting that cells are divided in two. The two types include Mitosis and Meiosis. While Mitosis is asexual, Meiosis is sexual.  The Mitosis process divides a cell and makes it an exact copy of the other. It is almost similar to cloning. However, Mitosis happens in different phases; the interphase, prophase, metaphase, anaphase and the telophase stage.  On the other hand, Meiosis is a process where two sex cells come together to form a zygote.

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