Friday, 14 September 2012

Essay on Create and Lead Technology in the News Posts

If you have been assigned on an essay on create and lead technology in the news post, it is inevitable for you to be baffled. However, with the following dexterity, it will be painless for you to embark on your journey to writing a paper on create and lead technology in the news post essay, stay with me.
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To begin with, what is technology? Technology is the scientific ability to create and produce the means of living. A society’s technology resides on four key areas that include; the physical capital, social capital  human capital, and intellectual capital. While the social capital focuses on the organization of research, educational, and industrial, the human capital focuses on practices of scientists, engineers, and skills among others. The intellectual capital focuses on the theories, patents and algorithms. On the other hand, the physical capital focuses on machines, plant layouts, infrastructures, and other operating principles.
We are subsequently going to look at the three aspects of technology, which include goods, services, and human activities that create the products. As a rule, high-tech goods and services pervade our daily lives.
Besides, it is indispensable to understand the various approaches of lead technology. Lead technology means acquiring potential customers who are in the market. There are a few channels that generate leads. Let us look at some of them. To start with, pinpoint the profile of your ideal customer. It is paramount that you identify the potential clients that are beneficial to your business and the ones that are less beneficial. Again, keep it in mind that it is the buy-cycle that influences your prospects as opposed to the sales-cycle. Again, it is paramount to understand that is the client that determines the progression of the business.


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