Saturday, 8 September 2012

Essay On Social Psychology

His hair was unkempt, his odor almost knocked me off, his teeth had a yellowing effect, and his clothes were filled with dirt; he was a reflection of dirt itself. As if it was not enough, he was in a dump site  picking trash and putting it in a dirty sack that he carried on his back; he was a mad man. I just keep on wondering why most mad people never imagine showering and why they seem to be attracted to dirt. It would be easy to confuse the above case, which is personal psychology, with social psychology. So what is the difference? While personality psychology focuses on individual traits, characteristics and thoughts, social psychology focuses on situations. Social psychology employs scientific methods and the empirical study of social phenomenon. If you have been assigned on a social psychology essay, it is paramount to mention the difference between social psychology and personality psychology.
So what is social psychology? Social psychology is the scientific study of how peoples, thoughts, feelings, and behaviors influenced by the presence of others. Behavior is how people act as a result of their mental states and immediate social situations. This is the first question that you would need to answer when writing a social psychology essay.
It would also be paramount to describe the difference between social psychology and sociology in your social psychology essay. While there are many similarities between the two, sociology still differs from social psychology. Sociology looks at social behavior at a broad-based level such s cultures, institutions, and religion.
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Again, when writing a social psychology essay, you may consider discussing social cognition. This is a growing area of social psychology that studies how people perceive, remember and think about others. A good example is the above illustration; to me, every time I think of   a mad man, a dirty personal comes in to my mind, am sure I am not the only one! You may again consider discussing basics of social psychology when writing a social psychology essay.

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