Saturday, 8 September 2012

Essay On Violence

For Terry, the long awaited day had finally come, a day to be forever remembered; it was her wedding day! However, Terry had something that her fiancĂ©e needed to put on for the glorious occasion. The only person who would take it to him was Anne, Terry’s friend, but she did not know her way to the stage. Ten minutes after escorting her friend to the stage, Terry was kidnapped, gang raped and left to die; on her wedding day! Terry did not die, but the side effect s of the monster called violence is something that she has had to live with. If you are assigned on a violence essay, you may consider commencing on your violence essay writing with the definition of the same. Violence is the use of physical force, or power, to threaten or actual against a person or community that results to death, psychological harm or deprivation.
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Again, if you are writing a violence essay, you may consider writing the causes of violence.
Another idea that you may consider discussing for a violence essay is the typology of violence. To begin with, the typology of violence divides it in to three broad categories according to the characteristics of those committing the violence act. They include self-directed violence, interpersonal violence, and collective violence.
The self-directed violence includes suicidal behavior, and self abuse. Self abuse is subjecting oneself to violence such as self-mutilation. The interpersonal violence includes family and intimate partner violence. This takes place with families and at home.  The collective violence involves social, political, and economic violence. It is committed by larger groups of individuals such as terrorists, or by states.
 The typology of violence may take the following forms: physical, sexual, psychological, and involving deprivation or neglect. This is another idea that you may consider writing for a violence essay.

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