Saturday, 8 September 2012

Essay On Biotechnology

I honestly found this interesting; did you know that colors of the rainbow identify branches of biotechnology? Well, there is green, red, blue, and white biotechnology. While the white biotechnology applies to biotechnology applied in industrial processes, the red biotechnology applies to the medical process. Again, while the blue biotechnology applies of the marine and aquatic applications, the green biotechnology applies to the agricultural process.
So what is biotechnology? This is in most cases the question that you are bound to ask yourself once assigned on an essay on biotechnology.  It is the use of living systems and organisms to make useful products. In simple terms, it is the technology on biology.
Some of the applications of biotechnology that you may be required to highlight when writing an essay on biotechnology are health case, agriculture, non-food and manufacture of beer.  It is also important in the cleanup sites.
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So where did biotechnology originate from? The history of biotechnology is an inevitable fact when writing an essay on biotechnology. As a rule, even in 200BC biotechnology still existed, people were still using tiny infectious agents, to immunize themselves.
Again, while writing an essay on biotechnology, some of the advantages of biotechnology that you may highlight include, using biotechnology in growth and production. To begin with, biotechnology has enabled the scientists to influence the ripening of fruits and vegetable. Imagine; genetically modified fruits can be harvested when ripe as opposed to normal fruits that continue to ripen after harvesting, genetically modified plats have a high resistance to pests, diseases and insecticides. Biotechnology is a huge advantage in the agriculture section.
However, as much as biotechnology is effective in the agriculture sector, the bad news is that scientists have not had a clear understanding of how these genetic changes affect human body term. As a truth, research states that GM plants have altered life span, and disease process of insects that feed on them.  This is another fact that you may opt to include when writing an essay on biotechnology.

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