Saturday, 8 September 2012

Essay On Violence, Terror And The State

From a distance, I watched the thick smoke raise in a form of cloud, screams of panic and pain filled the air. In a minute, the atmosphere was busy with action; the sirens, the screams, the running, and the smell.  It was a nuclear bomb, our state had been bombed again! ‘The terrorists” I thought and cursed! If you are writing an essay on violence, terror and the state, it is paramount to first give a definition of violence. Violence is a physical force that threatens or acts against a person or a community, hence resulting to injury, death or physical harm or mal-development.
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Keep it in mind that typology of violence divides it into three broad categories; self-directed violence, interpersonal violence and collective violence. The self directed violence includes suicide and self abuse like self mutation.  The interpersonal violence includes child maltreatment, youth violence, domestic violence, and elder maltreatment
 When writing an essay on violence terror, and state, you may consider a comprehension description of collective violence. Collective violence is subdivided in to social and economic violence. Collective violence is performed by a larger group of people such as terrorists, mob violence and other states. Collective violence results to war and related violent conflicts.
 Violence is attributed to biological and personal factors that influence human behavior. Close relationships with family and friends also attributes to violence.
So, can we prevent violence? Yes we can! To begin with, develop safe relationships between families. Next, develop life skills in children that is; emotionally, socially, and behavioral.  Again, reduce the availability of harmful use of alcohol. You can do this by managing alcohol environments and reducing the availability of alcohol. Again, restrict the access to guns .again, you can prevent suicidal cases by treating people with mental disorders, following up people who have had suicidal attempts. Collective violence can also be prevented by putting effective security measures in the state

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