Monday, 10 September 2012

Essay On Organ Systems And Evolution

The body comprises of more than one organ. All the organs are set in what we know as the organ system. Another knowledge advanced by scientists other than creation is that organs continue to evolve slowly by slowly, and they have done so for a very long time.
It is already known that different organs carry out different functions. The knowledge of evolution of organ systems posits that organ systems have developed from some ancient form. Therefore, for those writing organ systems and evolution essays, it would be important to trace the origin of the current organ system.
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Great attention is already paid on evolution of some organ systems. This might be of great interest for those writing organ systems and evolution essays. For instance, you might be asked to choose an organ to discuss when writing an organ systems and evolution essay. Some of such organs include the gametes and nervous system. Other organs which have gained interest in regard to evolution include excretory systems and cavities of the body.
In most cases, only logic has been used to explain and assume evolution of these organs. For instance, evolution of body cavities started with no body cavity existing to existence of them. Developments in evolution studies in as far as body organ systems are concerned, are very important for those writing organ systems and evolution essays. For instance, logical arrangements and assumptions for evolution of organ systems are no longer favored. Phylogenetic relationships are taken as more favorable and in this case, the characters of the organs are mapped on a tree to show and explain evolution, historically.
Mapping of the characteristics on a tree also helps to show relationships among many development stages. This is a method also favored by systematists, and would be of great importance for those writing organ systems and evolution essays to know.    

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