Monday, 10 September 2012

Essay On Organ Systems

Human beings comprise of different components that work together to achieve a particular objective. Such one component is termed as an organ system. In particular, a body will comprise of several organ systems.
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An organ system in turn comprises of many organs, while an organ comprise of several tissues. These are some of the basic knowledge you might require when writing organ systems essays. However, you might be asked to narrow down on one organ in writing an organ systems essay, rather than deal with many organs.
Some of the organ systems in the body include the circulatory system, cardiovascular, digestive, endocrine system, integumentary system, muscular system and nervous system among others. Others are respiratory, urinary system, skeletal system and reproductive system.
As can be seen, these play an important definitive role to support the rest of the organs in the body. You must also have the mind to see that each of these systems rely on other systems. Such a relationship could be direct or indirect.
It is important to know each of the organs that make up each of the system and its functions. While the urinary system serves to remove waste from the body, the skeletal system seeks to support the body; the respiratory system gives the body its oxygen while the reproductive system serves to enable the body give offspring.   
The nervous system is concerned with the monitoring and coordinating of the body or different organs and organ systems, as well as detecting and helping the body respond to environmental changes. The movement of the body is enhanced by the muscular system and the digestive system plays the role of breaking and digesting food, which is a source of energy to the body.
The circular system supplies nutrients and gasses to the body. These are just some of the explanation of the roles of body systems. 

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