Saturday, 8 September 2012

Essay On Human Cloning

For many childless couples, a child is a priceless gift. If you have never been in this position, it is a desperate moment. However, the good news is that human cloning sheds a ray of light in such situations, stay with me.
If you are assigned on a human cloning essay, you must first have a comprehension of the same. Cloning is the process of creating an organism that is an exact genetic copy of the other including the DNA.

To build on your human cloning essay topic, you may consider writing the types of human cloning which are; the reproductive cloning, and therapeutic cloning. While therapeutic cloning involves cloning cells from an adult for use in medicine and transplants, reproductive cloning involves making cloned humans for couples who want a child.

So how is cloning advantageous to the human beings? As I mentioned earlier on, successful human cloning cases are able to give a barren couple a child. Even though this has brought controversies based on religious bases over the past years, a child is one of the greatest gifts that you can give to a barren couple!  Again, cloning is advantageous to farmers who clone their livestock.  However, some of the clones spend their lives in health challenges.  Keep it in mind that successful cloning demands complete programming of the nucleus transfer. Otherwise, incomplete programming causes abnormalities or failure. 
On the other hand, some institutions have apparently criticized human cloning in the sense that human cloning has destroyed the sense of individuality. For example, it is possible to find an individual whose hands have been duplicated to five other hands! Besides, the Christian and Islamic leaders have condemned the act of human cloning. In fact, human cloning is illegal in the Islamic religion. Most Christian institutions have condemned cloning and termed it as sinful

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