Saturday, 8 September 2012

Essay On Cell Biology

Cell biology is a scientific discipline that studies cells, their structures, functions, life span and death. If you are assigned on a cell biology essay, it is astute to start with its definition. Again, when writing a cell biology essay, you may consider writing on the components of a cell and its functions. To begin with, a cell has chromosomes which has a form of chromatin and contains genetic information, and is responsible for cell division. Next, is the nuclear membrane, which enhances nuclear traffic. The mitochondrion is another part of a cell that controls the water levels and other materials in cells. A cell also has ribosomes that compose 25% of the cell’s mass. Ribosomes are responsible of manufacturing proteins in the body. Another component of the cell is the plasma membrane, which is the outer membrane of a cell and controls cellular traffic
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Cell biology essay writing may also compel you to describe cell formation.  To begin with, cell formation is made in two process; asexual reproduction, which is also called binary fission, and sexual production. Asexual production is the process that divides a cell in to two new cells and organisms. In sexual production, two cells join together to make a new cell 
When writing a cell biology essay, mitosis is another subject that you may be compelled to discuss. Whenever a cell divides, the DNA is shares between the two daughters. It has a few phases. The first phase is the interphase which is the phase before the cell enters mitosis and has not undergone division.  The next stage is the prophase which condenses the chromosomes. The next phase is the metaphase. In this phase, cells are aligned perpendicular to the spindle. The next stage involves pulling the chromosomes away from the metaphase plate to the spindle poled of the cell, which is the anaphase. Consequently, cells divide the nuclear envelop reforms and the chromosomes decondense during telophase. 

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