Saturday, 8 September 2012

Essay on Biotechnology

Did you know that worms are used in making manure?  It is called the power of biotechnology! The first step in writing a biotechnology essay is the definition of the same. Biotechnology is the use of living systems and organisms to make useful products.
So what do I write about, on my biotechnology essay? To start with, you can start with listing the types of biotechnology which include, technology based on biology, (which can be artificial insemination or vitro fertilization) generic engineering, and cloning. To be honest, there are heaps of other types, but these are the renowned ones.
Again, when writing a biotechnology essay, you may decide to write about the examples of biotechnology.  Batch processing is one of the examples of biotechnology. Well, some of the advantages of having a batch processing business with large amount of records and data. It is advantageous to the organizations of the records stores on the master file. It is more economical than having real time system.
Some of the predominant areas of biotechnology are health, agriculture, non-food, uses of crops and other products.{ Click for more essay help}
Again, the uses of biotechnology, is something paramount to write about in a biotechnology essay. To begin with, biotechnology is primary in bioremediation; the recycling of wastes and clean up cites. Again, the advantage of biotechnology in the agriculture sector especially, can never go unnoticed. It has for years on end, been the reason for better tasting fruits or vegetable, and fruits and vegetable that enhance health. They have vaccines for animals to protect against diseases otherwise not controlled.
Unfortunately, some scientists have found out that generic fruits and plants have altered the life span of insects that feed on the generic. It is as such not clear if the side effects it has on human beings. However, research is still ongoing.

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