Monday, 10 September 2012

Genetic Engineering Essay

Genetic engineering is manipulating, deleting or adding traits to achieve a desired change. This Genetic engineering essay discusses the benefits of genetic engineering such as cure of diseases and solutions in agriculture. This Genetic engineering essay also discusses the applications of genetic engineering. The Genetic engineering essay indicates that genetic engineering is applicable across the divide. 
Genetic engineering takes advantage of the DNA technology to achieve the ends. It also takes advantage of the fact that different organisms can share genetic material. It presents a bright future because its endless possibilities.
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There are so many applications for genetic engineering. What is clear is that the applications cut across the fields of medicine, agriculture and other industries. In medical applications, genetic engineering has made considerable progress in treating various diseases. For instance, it has been applied in gene therapy.
Genetic engineering is also applied in developing of vaccines and aids research on diseases. There are so many products made through genetic engineering, that could be listed, but a few include blood proteins for treating anemia and human hormones for application in wound healing. These are just a few of the examples.
Some of the agricultural applications of genetic engineering include making insecticides for plants and herbicide resistant solutions. In addition, there have been hormonal solutions to induce production of more milk and enabling production of leaner meat by animals. One of the highly debated applications of genetic engineering in animal kingdom is the genetically modified organisms or the largely popularized as the GMOs.
There have been many applications of genetic engineering in other industries and factories, such as protein manufacture. This is accomplished via use of mammalian cells. Others used are bacteria and fungi. There have been improvements of waste management. Engineers have also been able to produce more catalysts.
However, there are so many infections blamed on the GMOs, among other safety concerns. 

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