Sunday, 9 September 2012

Essay on AIDS

One might argue out that there is nothing that isn't said about HIV and Aids, bearing the number of Aids essays written in history. In addition, many people continue to write Aids essays hoping that knowledge about the virus and the diseases will spread faster than the virus.
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It seems that, to many who have read the many aids essays, ignorance is not the most contributing factor in the spread of HIV. Because, despite increased number of people who know facts about HIV, the latter continues to spread at an alarming and disturbing rate. Nevertheless, continued writing of Aids essays could, perhaps, serve as reminder that so many people are still so concerned about the virus and the disease.
Knowledge of HIV virus has not been around for so long as is with other infections. In fact, the first case was only reported in 1959. However, it seems that the rate, at which it is spreading, raises an eyebrow, counting the number of donations made to developing nations to fund efforts to counter its spread. Developed nations are also increasingly coming up with and implementing new techniques to counter spread of HIV as well as to preserve life for those infected.
What stands out clear is the need to continue with civic education about use of control techniques to fight increased spread of HIV. Although so many are aware about how HIV can be spread, many still do not seem to embrace the allowed techniques for spread of HIV. Still, there is no 100% acceptance of these techniques in some communities.
It is also helpful to spread information about the stages of HIV development for those already infected, to ensure that more people seek medical intervention. For instance, some people might not know that HIV virus would take some time (during which it can be suppressed to prolong life) to develop into late stages, AIDS.   

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