Saturday, 8 September 2012

Essay on E-commerce

Have you ever bought or sold a product or service, using the electronic system? If you have, then you participated in e-commerce. If assigned on an e-commerce essay, commence by comprehending e-commerce. So what is e-commerce? E-commerce is the short form of Electronic commerce. It is the process of selling and buying products or services over electronic system. Commerce is a communicative transaction between two parties playing familiar roles. The two parties include the buyer and the seller. It is only when there are the two parties that commerce will occur.
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Besides, when writing an e-commerce essay, it would be astute to mention that the modern-day e-commerce involves ordering content for immediate online consumption, and ordering conventional goods, and Meta services to facilitate other types of electronic commerce.
The categories of e-commerce, is one of the e-commerce essay topics that you would consider discussing. E-commerce can be divided in to the following categories; EDI (Electronic Data Interchange), E- tailing to virtual storefronts, gathering and uses of demographic data, and business to business buying and selling.
About the E-tailing, and the virtual mall; If you have heard about Dell computers, then you have an inkling on E-tailing, and virtual mall. Dell computers, has reported considerable success by selling its products through the web since 1996. E-tailing or virtual storefront and the virtual mall involve providing custom information and ordering and retail shopping over the web.
 On the other hand, Electronic Data Interchange uses an understood data format to exchange business. It involves the exchange of data among or between parties, and make arrangements for one- to-one.
Conversely, Business- to-Business Buying and Selling involves the advertisement of products of thousands of companies through the web.
Again, e-mail, fax and the internet telephony is conducted through e-mail, facsimile, and telephone calls over the net.

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