Saturday, 8 September 2012

Essay On Breast Cancer

If you are on radiation therapy for cancer treatment, I need you to know some of the following things. To begin with, radiation is painless, do not fear. Then, you should take plenty of rest, eat a well balanced diet and love on yourself! You are not the first person to undergo this treatment that is why I know you can go through it successfully. However, talking to someone you trust about how you feel is highly advisable. Radiation therapy is one of the approaches of treating cancer.  We are going to look at a few more approaches of treating cancer, causes of cancer and the definition of the same.
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Once you are assigned on a breast cancer essay, it is astute to commence with defining breast cancer. Cancer is a collection of diseases that involves regulation of cells growth. The cells divide and grow uncontrollably forming malignant tumors and then spread to other parts of the body. As such, for breast cancer, the cancerous cells are mainly found in the breasts of a woman.
When writing a breast cancer essay, you may consider writing that, cancer is only curable in its early stages when it has not spread to the neighboring cells. This makes it possible to remove the cancerous cells through surgery. Besides surgery, chemotherapy and radiation are other approaches of removing the cancerous cells.
 Even though scientists are yet to identify many more causes of cancer, some of the well known causes of cancer are excessive alcohol, excessive sunlight exposure, environmental toxins, chemicals, obesity, and benzene among others. These are ideas that you may consider writing in a breast cancer essay
So how can I avoid cancer? If you are writing a breast cancer essay, this is one of the ideas that you cannot afford not to write. To begin with, eat a well balanced and healthy diet. Exercise regularly, and avoid alcohol, among others. Again, if you are obese, you may consider weight loss programs. 

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