Saturday, 8 September 2012

Essay On Stem Cell Research

Did you know that within you are some types of cells that would be used to regenerate medicine? Stem cells are cells with the ability to develop in to bone, muscles, cartilage and other types of cells. As such, they would allow the repair of any damaged or deteriorating tissues hence generating medicine.
If you are writing an essay on stem cell research you need to write a definition of the same. Stem cells are cells that have the ability to reproduce in favorable environments.
This is an amazing idea that you may consider when writing on essay on stem cell research; scientists would grow an amputated led through stem cell! Inside an embryo are dozens of stem cells that are actually empty shells but have the ability to develop in to any cell organ of human body.
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Again, of you are writing an essay on stem cell research, you may consider writing the advantages of a stem cell. To begin with, stem cell is a source of medication. Stem cells are used to replace and repair damaged and dead cells in the body. They are hence used for medicinal purposes. Besides, in the early stages of a human life, the embryo contains of many stem cells named as the blastocyst.  These cells later multiply to develop in to all the tissues and organs of a human being. Again, scientist use stem cells to bring memory in to a person. Embryo stem cells are used by scientists to determine whether new drugs can harm human beings or animals.
When writing an essay on stem cell research, you may include places where stem cells are found. In human beings, stem cells are found in the skin, liver bone marrow and in muscles. 
As a rule, stem cells are very important in the health of human beings. However, based on religion, some people feel that it is unethical.

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