Monday, 10 September 2012

Essay Sample On AIDS

Aids is a known killer spreading so quickly. Almost everyone around the world now knows what Aids is, at least the surface of it, if not the in depth. It is among the diseases mostly talked about across the world.
Although there are many essays on aids posted even on the internet, there is always the need to discuss about it and reach out to more people. A lot more people need constant information as a reminder if not to hear it for the first time, which necessitates writing more essays on aids. This essay on aids discusses facts about the diseases and causes. These essays on aids also discuss a short history about the disease.
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To begin with, the HIV virus is the causative of AIDS. In itself, Aids is a condition defining the inability of the body to fight diseases following an attack of the HIV. This is known as Human Immuno Deficiency Virus. Between infection with HIV and emergence of AIDs as the last stage, is a span of about 10 years, which represents a body that has failed to keep up with the fight against the virus. In itself, HIV can stay for several years in a body and showing no signs at all at the same time.
As far as history of HIV is concerned, the first person to be identified with the disease was in America-in 1959. Later, cases were identified in Africa in countries such as Uganda and Tanzania, way in 1980s. Another country where a case(s) was (were) noted is Zambia. There were also cases in India, France and Belgium at the same time.  
Apart from the commonly known spread route-sex, HIV can spread where there is blood-blood contact, for instance in blood transfusions, passing of it from mother to unborn child, and through infected syringes. Sexual relationships are the common spread route for HIV.   

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