Monday, 10 September 2012

Essay On Genetics

Interest in study of genes increased with interest in explaining the causes of transference of traits from parents to offspring in living things. Actually, the history of genetics date back to mid-19th century. You agree that knowledge on the history of genetics may be of crucial importance when you want to write an essay on genetics.
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Controversy of discoveries and theories in genetics may also be of great interest when you want to write an essay on genetics. Formerly, it was said that organisms could inherit traits from parents without having them blended. This work by Mendel only showed that distinct genes (not continuous blending) could combine to produce traits.
Multiple genes with large quantity effects are explained to cause blending of trait. Another theory that could be of interest to those who want to write an essay on genetics-and which is now known to be wrong-is that of Jean-Baptiste Lamark, which explained that the traits inherited from parents were those that were strengthened by them. Latter on it was discovered that an individual’s experience cannot affect the genes passed.
The history of emergence of modern genetics could also be of interest to those writing essays on genetics. For instance, a prominent discovery based on plant inheritance by Mendel changed the way people looked at genetics. Through his discovery, it became possible to use simple rules and ratios in explaining how traits were inherited.
The focus then turned to finding out what cell was concerned with inheritance and it was known that chromosomes and genes were involved. Thus, chromosomes and genes are common terms for those interested in writing an essay on genetics. It was latter discovered that the DNA was responsible for inheritance. Before this, the confusion was that inside chromosomes were the DNA and protein, and it was not known which one was responsible.

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