Saturday, 8 September 2012

Essay On Photosynthesis

Did you know that chlorophyll which is the green pigment we see in plants is not actually green? Chlorophyll looks green because it absorbs red and blue light making these colors unavailable to be seen by our eyes. It is the green light which is not absorbed that finally reaches our eyes hence making it look green. The energy from the red and green light is absorbed to make photosynthesis but the green light is never absorbed. If called upon to write an essay on photosynthesis, this is one idea that you may consider writing.
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When writing an essay on photosynthesis, the first step compels you to define the same. Photosynthesis is the process in which light energy is converted to chemical energy to produce sugar. It occurs in the chloroplasts and specifically uses chlorophyll in the leaves.
The process of photosynthesis occurs in two basic steps; the light stage and the dark stage. This is a paramount idea to consider when writing an essay on photosynthesis. To begin with, the light reaction happens in the thylakoid membrane and converts light energy to chemical energy. It is a process that hence takes place in the day, for light. Chlorophyll and several other pigments such as beta-carotene are organized in clusters in the thylakoid membrane and are involved in the light reaction. Energy is harvested through the light reaction and is stored by forming adenosine tri-phosphate, otherwise known as ATP. The major role of ATP is to store compound cells for energy. It is a small molecule that is made up of nucleotide adenine and is bonded to a ribose sugar and then bounded to three phosphate groups.
Another idea that you may consider when writing an essay on photosynthesis, is the dark stage. In the dark stage, the reaction takes place in the stroma and converts carbon dioxide in to sugar. It is does not need light to occur.

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