Saturday, 8 September 2012

Marriage And Family Essay

When Kathy met Allan, for her, life had just begun. While, Kathy was a gifted musician, dancer and public speaker, she remained shy to address a congregation. You could hardly recognize her in a congregation. Years down the line, Kathy is a national inspirational speaker and successful musician. The couple runs a successful inspirational institution, where thousands of youths have been equipped to achieve their dreams and live a fulfilling life. With each other’s support and encouragements, they have soared to greater heights in their career lives and subsequently, thousands of lives have been changed.
 As a rule, successful marriages and family are the bedrock of the society. When marriages go down, the society goes down with them.
If you are assigned to write a marriage and family essay, it is astute to discuss how family and marriage has raised great leaders and personnel in the society. Spouses, siblings and parents are sources of inspiration to great politicians, musicians, physicians, and religious leaders just to mention a few.
Again, for a marriage and family essay, you may consider discussing the impact of marriages and family on economic growth to the society. Spouses come together and invest on major projects. Some have come up with successful businesses that have made economic growth to their societies.{ Click link for assignment help}
Another marriage and family essay topic, is crime. As a rule, marriages and families are effective tools of combating crime. Parents teach their children good morals. Religious mothers and wives pray for their children and husbands who are in crime to change; most of them have succeeded. Parents also equip their children to become responsible individuals in the society.
Finally, for a marriage and family essay, you may also consider discussing how marriages and family contribute to responsible sex. Spouses opt to be faithful to one another, hence reducing rape and irresponsible cases. Besides, parents teach their children on responsible morals and responsible sex.
Marriage and family is not just good, but is the solid rock of the society!

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