Saturday, 8 September 2012

Essay Example On Immigration

Imagine America without immigration; it would not actually be what is today! In fact, if you are writing an immigration essay example, this would be a grand case study. So, what is immigration? Immigration is the act of groups of people settling in a foreign country or region. In fact, it forms the globe’s present fa├žade.{ Click link for essay help}
Host countries have large labor forces coupled with low demand. Besides, developed countries are attributed by aging populations coupled with low fertility rates subsequently resulting to greater demand for service-sector jobs and low-skill employment. Consequently, the developed countries have a great demand for migrants to fill the labor demand and pay taxes! These are pull factors that causes immigration.
Besides, the push factors drive people from sending countries. Some of the pull factors of immigration are low wages, and poverty, unemployment, absence of access to credit, insurance, armed conflict and benefits and social welfare protections. As such, economic migrants are compelled to move to “greener pastures.”  When assigned upon writing an immigration essay example, it is paramount to illustrate the causes of immigration.
The impact of Immigration in the world remains predominant. To begin with, migrants are willing to work on tasks that citizens of the host country are not. The host countries again, subject migrants to excess working hours with low payment. While this is disheartening to the immigrants, it leaves a remarkable effect on the host country. Next, migrants contribute diverse skills and talents from their host countries.
 However, immigration had its many drawbacks. To begin with, brain drain has left countries with great losses. Countries invest on educating their best candidates only for the personnel to utilize the talents and skills in a foreign state. Immigration is also an attraction of crime. Besides, if not controlled, immigration is a hazard to the country’s economy. This is consequent to the fact that millions of dollars will be spent to provide the migrants with basic needs.

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