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“If only there was a cure for diabetes, if only it did not have to end this way,” I kept thinking to myself. After some years of fighting with diabetes, Mary rested to eternal peace and all we would do was cry, she was not coming back. As a matter of truth, she had lived for over fifteen years with diabetes. If you are a diabetic, or have a diabetic patient, there is hope for long life. You will only need to solicit proper medication, eat a balanced diet and exercise blood sugar.{ Click for paper writing help}
What is diabetes? This is the first question that you should answer when writing an essay on diabetes. Diabetes is a long time disease in which, an individual has high blood sugar. Diabetes is caused by insufficient insulin in the body. Another cause of diabetes is the cells’ lack of ability to respond to insulin produced in the body,
 Again, when writing an essay on diabetes, you may consider mentioning the three major types of diabetes. They include type 1 DM, which is as a result of one’s failure to produce insulin. Patients with 1 DM are hence forced to inject themselves with insulin or wear an insulin pump. The next type is, Type 2 DM which is a result of cells’ resistance to insulin. The third type of diabetes is the gestational diabetes. Gestational diabetes occurs in pregnant women who never had a previous diagnosis, but they develop high blood glucose in pregnancy which may precede to development of type 2DM
Is diabetes hereditary? This is a question that you cannot afford not to answer when writing an essay on diabetes. Well, to answer to this question, yes, it is! If someone in your family has diabetes, chances of you getting diabetes are high.
Besides writing an essay on diabetes may also compel you to describe the some of the symptoms of diabetes. They include; loss of weight, excessive thirst, blurry vision, frequent urination and hunger among others.

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