Monday, 10 September 2012

Essay On Global Warming

Global warming is a name given to increase of global average temperature of the atmosphere and ocean. The term has gained so much popularity become since the 19th century. Today, the rate of global average temperature is increasing as well and is projected to increase even further.
The importance of studying global warming and thus writing an essay about global warming cannot be gainsaid. For instance, the knowledge of how global warming occurs needs to be advanced. This is because, although many are aware of it, some are still ignorant.
In addition, studying essays about global warming can help people understand how global warming leads to climate changes. However, the most shocking thing is that, despite the large number of essays about global warming, many do not seem to have read. A lot of careless attitudes about emission of greenhouse gases seem to indicate that many do not know how it is produced. Many do not also seem to know how to control such emissions and the advantage of doing so.
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There are many things that seem to prove that there is an increase in greenhouse gas emission and increase in global average temperature. One is the rising sea level (average), rise in oceanic temperature (average) and melting of ice. One of the biggest challenges in as far as global warming is concerned is that people cannot see these impacts of increased global temperatures.
Other impacts, however, are visible but not directly related to global warming. In fact, it is hard to tell to locals the relationship between them and global warming. An example is expansion of deserts and occurrence of more floods. However, the increase in global temperature is not uniform in all parts of the globe. What is needed is continued education regarding global warming, its causes and solutions.

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