Monday, 10 September 2012

Essay On Stem Cells

Stem cells have gained more focus with interest in stem cell research. This stem cell essay discusses stem cell as well as the related stem cell research. This stem cell essay provides a list of diseases whose application of stem cell promises solutions, now or in the future. Stem cells are actual cells in animals and other organisms with multi-cellular organs and that can divide and form specialized cells through differentiation.
Stem cell research, on the other hand, is a technology-based research that capitalizes on use of treating of injury and diseases in human by use of undifferentiated cells. This stem cell essay discusses importance of stem cell research. Later on, this stem cell essay will mention moral issues related to stem cell research.
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It is important to notice that stem cells can form any type of other specialized cells, if harvested. They are simply primitive cells that are yet to undergo specialization. Stem cell research capitalizes on harvesting of stem cells from the human body, and using them or inducing them to serve different purposes in treatment of diseases and injury as may be needful.
The knowledge of stem cell has gained popularity especially in developed countries, although there are those against it. In fact, the debate of utilization of stem cell research in modern medical scenario ranges because of moral issues. Opponents of stem cell research do not see it as moral to apply this embryonic stem cell research technology in treatment, because induced (created) embryos are used. They argue that the embryos are capable of developing to life, yet proponents argue that most of the embryos used are created not implanted. 
Embryonic stem cells are more flexible to apply for other types of cells than adult stem cells, which require inducement to become differentiated. Stem cell research promises solutions (either now and/or future) for diseases such as Parkinson’s disease, cancer, leukemia (already being done), injury of the spinal cord, birth defects, and heart diseases among others.   
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