Monday, 10 September 2012

Essay On Genetics

Genetics is the close look at the hereditary materials in living things, as well as their variation. A gene is the hereditary unit in living organisms. It concerns with transfer of characteristics from parent to offspring. A genetic essay would thus discuss genes, their structure, composition, functions and related issues.  
In actual sense, the DNA protein molecules constitute the gene. This DNA is made of nucleotides (building blocks) arranged in two-coil strands. If unfolded, they would be about six feet.  
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Genetics also concerns with behavior of organisms, inheritance of genes, change encountered in population, among other things. You realize there are so many things to know if writing genetics essay. Actually, genetics does not specialize in study of animals alone, but also captures plants, virus and bacteria.
An important area of study in genetics, and which you might be interested in when writing genetics essay is the application of genes and genetic knowledge. You realize that genetics has been in application for so long to improve crops and animals. One of the mostly applied techniques is selective breeding.
Genes are capable of multiplication or copying for the purpose of inheritance. This happens by multiplication or copying of a strand (of nucleotides) that make up the DNA. Remember, each strand (in the double strand making up the DNA) has complimentary nucleotide and four of them will make up a single strand.   
Genetic studies also link the knowledge of genes and functioning of cells and organism as a whole. A familiar term in this respect is the genetic code, which defines the relationship sequence of nucleotide and that of amino acids. You may know already that amino acids are the building basics of all proteins.
Remember, almost all activities in a cell are carried out by proteins. Yet protein’s function is determined by how the protein will fold into 3-dimentional shape. The folding is determined by amino acids, whose sequence (order in which amino acids exist in a protein) is a replica of sequence of nucleotides in a gene. Cells are responsible for translating this sequence in order to produce amino acid chains. The actual inherited information is this sequence.     

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