Saturday, 8 September 2012

Essay On Immigration

Being a multifaceted topic, immigration may be confusing. As such, it is astute to commence writing an immigration essay by defining immigration. Immigration is the process of a large group of people entering and settling in to a foreign country or region.
Writing an immigration essay may also compel you to describe the causes of immigration. To start with, people immigrate to another country as a result of force, due to conflicts in their environments.  Some will immigrate to escape persecution, and prejudiced. Unemployment is another cause of immigration; to look for ‘greener pastures’
Some of the consequences of immigration are; first, moving to an environment with different culture and norms can be challenging. Loneliness is another effect of immigration. Lack of interaction with your family members can also be a daunting experience. Adapting the economical state of the region may also be a predicament.{ Follow link for assignment writing help}
Immigration has continually made positive impact in the society.  This is another considerable immigration essay topic. To begin with, immigrants do jobs that citizens of that country would not do. Again, they are subjected to long hours of work and low salary. This is a disadvantage to an individual but not to the host state, again, the immigrants offer a diverse range of talent from their motherlands hence making positive impact to the host state.
However, there are negative effects of immigration to the host countries. To start with, brain drain is one of the greatest draw backs of immigration. Developing countries invest on educating their best students, only for them to be exploited by another state. Immigration is one predominant cause of crime. Immigration also breaks the social fabric in the society; it a cause of divorce and broken families. Again, migrants die in foreign countries trying to cope with their social, economic and environmental changes.

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