Saturday, 8 September 2012

Essay On Marriage And Family

When Cindy and Rob walked down the aisle, it was a moment that they both would treasure for as long as they lived. With a blissful marriage, Cindy was a successful journalist, and with her investigative journalism, the world around her became a better habitation. She changed her society for the better. Rob on the other hand was a successful neurosurgeon, and yes, his career saved a couple of lives.  On that fateful evening, Cindy perished in a road accident. Rob was dejected, beyond description. It did not end there; he went in to alcoholism. Years down the line, Rob had lost his career to alcohol, and yes, there were no more lives saved by him.{ For dissertation help follow this link}
As a rule, the family unit is centered on marriage, which is the bedrock of the society.  Strong marriages and families are the foundation of a prospering society. As a rule, breaking marriages are predominant causes of breaking societies.  
When writing a marriage and family essay example, you may consider writing about the impact of the specific family in the society. To begin with, family brings out hidden potential in individuals. Parents educate their children to become influential people in the society. Spouses on the other hand, encourage and inspire each other to thriving careers. In fact, they always say; “Behind every successful man, there stands a woman.”  Great musicians, lawyers, and politicians just to mention a few, were inspired by their daughters, sons, wives, husbands, fathers, and mothers. Marriage and family has also combated cases of rape and irresponsible sex in the society. Wives will consider not cheating on their husbands and vice versa. Again, parents teach their children on responsible sex. Keep it in mind that you may also consider discussing secrets to a successful marriage when writing a marriage and family essay example

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