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No doubt that most of the changes in human body are attributed to evolution. Indeed, many people agree with scientists about the role of evolution in modernity. Evolution simply tells us that living things do not remain the way they are. This evolution essay revolves around issues of evolution and evolutionary theories.
Mostly, evolution is scientific and uses scientific methods to unravel the mysteries of the source or origin of human life. If we agree with evolution theories, we would conclude that all living things have a common origin. This is of great importance for those writing evolution essays.
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Evolution theories rely on fossil findings, geological discoveries, and estimates from logics. Others are natural selection theories. Evolution theorists also rely on rock dating methods and mutations, among other techniques, to prove evolution.
In simple terms, those buying evolution theories belief that living things were not (several years ago) the way they are today. This applies for both plants and animals. They believe that animals and plants have evolved from unicellular forms to complex forms they are today.
Proponents of evolution are well known-a good example is Darwin, who believed that things still continued to evolve to more complex forms. One of the most important factors in evolution was time. Theorists have brought forward two terms that explain evolution in biology, namely micro and macroevolution.
The first term explain the possibility of one organism undergoing evolution within itself-micro evolution. It is proved by the fact that there are different types of dogs, cats, plants, trees, etc. The second term shows and explains the possibility of one organisms evolving into another. The second possibility would definitely require time. For instance, mammals likely evolved from reptiles, which are likely to have originated from amphibians.
The idea of evolution of animals is however, doubted. For example, because there are no transitional fossils noted no matter how many have been discovered.    

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