Saturday, 8 September 2012

Scientific method Essay

I drove past the grief-stricken multitude, I was not being heartless; I just had to be on time for my interview; it was starting in the next thirty minutes. Besides, even though I stopped, there was not much that would change with my presence. Lifeless bodies lay on the ground, blood all over; it was an overwhelming scene. That was the second accident that week, and the fourth that month. For the following few days, the scene stubbornly refused to leave my mind. I wondered why the accidents had been frequent in the same spot for the last few days; I had to do something! Eventually, I went to the field, did a background research and constructed my hypothesis. Upon testing it, it was valid. Consequently, I drew my conclusion of the cause for the accidents. I will tell you about my conclusion another day. If you have ever written an essay based on similar process, then you wrote a scientific method essay. The scientific method is a list of steps that you need to follow when solving a problem. 
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The basic steps of a scientific method essay include:
  • The question
  • The background research
  • Constructing a hypothesis
  • Testing your hypothesis
  • Analyzing data
  • Drawing a conclusion
  • Communicating your results
v   When writing a scientific method essay, it is astute to ask yourself the following questions
What is the purpose of writing your scientific method essay? How do you think you can solve the challenge? What do you need to test the validity of your hypothesis? What are the processes of your experiment? What results did the experiment give you? Meaning; what did you see, hear or smell? What conclusions did you draw from the experiment? Consequently, write your essay based on the answers to your questions. 

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