Saturday, 8 September 2012

Essay On Criminology

When called upon to write a criminology essay, it is astute to start by defining criminology. Consequently, criminology is the scientific study of the nature, extent, causes and control of crime both in individual an in the society.  It is an interdisciplinary field in the behavioral sciences.{Follow link to get term paper writing services}
Again, when writing a criminology essay, you may consider describing causes, and consequences of crime. To begin with, poor parenting skills are a predominant cause of crime. Children that were abused end up in crime. Peer influence is another cause of crime. If you listen to many people who have been in crime, most of them started with their peers. Another social factor that poses a strong influence to an individual is drugs and alcohol. Drugs and alcohol reduce socially defined rules of behavior, hence promoting an individual to commit crime.  A threat of long years of imprisonment to an individual under the influence of drugs does not make sense. Another predominant cause of crime is poverty. People of low income and education will go an extra step, including breaking the law, just to get their basic needs.
So how can we prevent crime? This is one question that you are bound to answer when writing a criminology essay. To begin with, impose effective strength of law enforcement agencies. Introduce measures and conditions that favor the family unit. Keep it in mind that the family unit is one of the greatest institutions that fight crime. Again, create jobs for the youth.
Another criminology essay subject for discussion is the consequences of crime. Some of the consequences of crime include imprisonment which comes with depressing years of no family, peace or good food among others. Another consequence is death. Many criminals die in the scenes of crime. Other consequences of crime are divorce, disabilities, and rejection by the society, just but to mention a few.

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