Saturday, 8 September 2012

Essay on immigration

Did you know that in 1900, the ratio of the average income of the five richest counties to the poorest was 9 to 1 in terms of purchasing power and today it is 100 to 1? Inequalities between and within countries is one of the major causes of immigration. So what is immigration? Immigration is the process of people settling on foreign areas or countries.
If called upon to write an essay on immigration, it is astute to describe the causes of immigration. As I mentioned earlier, Inequalities between and within counties is one of the major causes of immigration. Besides, low wages, unemployment and low expectation for dignified employment are additional causes of immigration. The demographics in the developed countries free trade agreements is another root a cause of migration. Case study; the North American Free Trade Agreements have imposed practices on other countries hence benefiting corporations. On the other hand, local governments and economies suffer losses pushing away migrants to other countries. Besides, armed conflict, poverty and social strife, political turmoil and economic hardships are other causes of migration.{ Follow link for non plagiarized term papers}
So what are the consequences of immigration? Immigration comes with drawbacks to the migrants. To begin with, the migrants have to adapt to new cultures, and environments, which is a predicament. As a rule, the family unit is the bedrock of the society. On the other hand, immigration is a hazard to the family unit.  Migrants leave their families, including their spouses and children. Brain drain is another consequence of immigration. Countries invest on their citizens by educating them, only for them to utilize their dexterity in foreign countries.
On the other hand, the positive effects of immigration cannot go unnoticed. To begin with, migrants are subjected to taxes, excess working hours and low wages. This consequently builds the economy of the country. They also have diverse talent and skills from their native countries. 

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