Monday, 10 September 2012

Global Warming Essay

The earth’s atmospheric temperature continues to increase gradually heating up the oceans and the atmosphere. The knowledge on global warming, as may be of great interest to those writing global warming essays, has gained momentum since late 19th century. The interest in global warming and related knowledge is not only in the academia, but also among the societies lobbying for reduction of activities attributed to global warming.
The rate of increase of the global temperature is also on an upward scale. Of great interest among those writing global warming essays is the causes of global warming. You might want to know that there are many causes of increase in temperature if you are writing global warming essays. Of all these causes, all of them are related to a common cause, known as the greenhouse gases.
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Probably, what is needed in as far as advancement of the campaign to reduce global warming is furthering education and awareness about the subject. While many seem to understand the whole thing, a lot of people think it is hypothetical, some others do not have alternatives, and yet others do not seem to know the advantages of controlling production of greenhouse gases. Worse still, many do not know whether they produce it. These are some of the issues of great interest among those writing global warming essays.
A number of human activities produce greenhouse gases. An example includes deforestation. Another major example of source of human activity causing such emissions is burning of fossil fuels.
Another important issue for those writing global warming essays is the proof or evidence of global warming such as rising of global average sea level rising. These are actual physical proves that this is not hypothetical. Other examples include increased and extended melting of snow and ice. Increase in average temperatures of the ocean and air is also a proof of global warming.

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