Monday, 10 September 2012

Essay On Creation Vs. Evolution

Among the many ancient controversies is that surrounding creation vs evolution. In fact, this controversy transcends political, cultural and theological arena. The controversies also cut across a number of issues, including the human life, universe and earth.
The controversy is of great interest among those who want to write creation vs evolution essays. Creation theories establish that the source of life is Supreme Being, who by word of His mouth created two people who latter reproduced. This is the common theory among the religious people, and taught by faiths around the world.
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They also posit that God is the creator of universe. The contrast is between those holding this belief, with those holding that the evolution, biological theories, geology and other theories explain existence of human and the universe as a whole. The details in each of these theories are of great interest among those writing creation vs evolution essays.
The term creationism was also introduced for those supporting and defending the role of a Supreme Being for existence of universe and living things. On its part, evolution establishes that all modern living things originated from descendants and ancient forms and they are what they are today because of undergoing changes over time. It is proved by the idea of natural selection that shows that organisms are able to acquire genetic change over time. 
Those writing creation vs evolution essays will tackle a number of topics. Among the issues of interest for those writing creation vs evolution essays include definition of science, science research and separation of state and church.
Universally, evolution has gained acceptance as the source of human life and universe as a whole. In fact, battles between those supporting evolution and those supporting creation is viewed as battle between science and religion.
However, those writing creation vs evolution essays may also note that today, many religions accept the evolution explanation of existence of living things and universe as a whole.

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