Monday, 10 September 2012

Essay On Evolution

Evolution is simply defined as change in genetic pool, observed in a population over a period of time. Usually, the period is long. Such changes must occur on genetic level and be transmitted to future populations if at all it must be termed as evolution. These are some of the few things to familiarize with when writing an evolution essay.
Changes defining evolution must be observable character traits in organisms. These observable changes in populations are termed as phenotypes. In writing evolution essays, one must understand two important terms: i.e. macroevolution and microevolution.
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The term macroevolution is associated with the view that all population and living things have a common origin. This indicates that they vary following evolution. The other term in the name of macroevolution defines changes of traits occurring at genetic level.
Some people get it wrong when writing evolution essays by defining evolution as changes over time. It would be helpful to say that this is placing evolution in the same level as weight loss or weight gain. Yet, for instance, weight gain cannot compare to biological evolution because, although they might take place over time, they are not taking place at the genetic level. Again, these changes cannot be passed from parents to offspring.
Charles Darwin is a proponent of the evolution theory. The issue of evolution theory is an important consideration among those writing evolution essays. There are other scientists-in fact, many associated with promotion of the evolution theory and are of great interest among those writing evolution essays.
For instance, Mendel Gregor discovered process by which genes (alleles) were transmitted from parents. Others involved in discovery of DNA are the likes of Maclyn McCarty; DNA structure determination includes Maurice Wilkins. James Watson also has been involved in the discovery or determination of the structure of DNA.  

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